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the end of an era.

derek jeter - legend, champion, hall of famer. gatorade pays tribute to the only man on the yankees to ever wear #2 again.

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Diving At Night

coyote kisses - “diving at night”.

good night world.

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eric prydz - “liberate (original mix)”.

synths, melody, vocals, progressive. love this track for all four of those elements.

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The Walton Hoax

the walton hoax - “all recklessness aside”.

closing off the week with a chill tune from the walton hoax.

yay this tumblr site turned 4! can’t believe i’ve been on this for that long…

thanks everyone for the support and all :)

marvel: guardians of the galaxy trailer.

world premiere of the first trailer for the new upcoming guardians of the galaxy movie. rocket looks bad ass, but i’m going to hold my reservations on this until i see more on what kind of plot this movie is going to have.

the finish line: episode 1 - steve nash.

nash documents his journey into what are his final years in his storied nba career. battling through injuries, expectations, and declines - this is a real, honest look at the reality of steve nash the player and the person.