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Diving At Night

coyote kisses - “diving at night”.

good night world.

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The Walton Hoax

the walton hoax - “all recklessness aside”.

closing off the week with a chill tune from the walton hoax.

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Sweater Beats

sweater beats - “i got u”.

brooklyn-based producer making chillwave tunes.

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Bit Funk,
Soul Satisfaction EP

bit funk - “beside”.

chill jazzy lounge music. a good way to vibe through the night.

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parade of lights - “we’re the kids (adrian lux remix)”.

super chill track remixed by the one and only adrian lux. however, this took me forever to find a good enough copy to post. take that soundcloud.

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Mat Zo Ft. Rachel Collier

mat zo ft. rachel collier - “only for you (original mix)”.

chillwave x house x electro x vocal x awesome.

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Project 46, Linkin Park

project 46 vs linkin park - “shadow of the day (mix)”.

i love the original song, so when i saw project 46 create a mix out of it i just had to get it and see how they re-did it. the result was an up-beat, more positive sounding song compared to the original track.

all in all, love the new mix. enjoy.