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Diving At Night

coyote kisses - “diving at night”.

good night world.

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Monstercat Christmas Album 2012

televisor - “we wish you a merry christmas (remix)”.

a classic christmas song remixed with an up-beat electro beat.

merry christmas y’all.

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Mat Zo Ft. Rachel Collier

mat zo ft. rachel collier - “only for you (original mix)”.

chillwave x house x electro x vocal x awesome.

zedd ft. hayley williams - “stay the night” music video.

visuals to zedd’s latest song. upbeat, melodic, vocally driven. similar in style to “clarity” but still, zedd’s clean and masterful approach is just wow.

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The Crystal Method & Riot Games

the crystal method - “lucian”.

was i surprised after patching league of legends to find this song by the crystal method being played for their new champion launch of lucian? yeah. dope exclusive from the crystal method, while also introducing themselves to 12 million players that play LoL.

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Daft Punk,
Get Lucky

daft punk ft. pharrell williams - “get lucky (radio edit)”.

FINALLY it’s out. new daft punk track from random access memories.

daft punk ft. pharrell & nile rodgers - “get lucky” SNL preview.

man, i CANNOT wait for Random Access Memories to come out.