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Well, I’m deleting my account on January 15, 2013. No thanks to Facebook greed here.


Our community has grown a lot since we wrote our original terms of service. To get things up to date for the millions of people now using Instagram, we’re bringing you new versions of our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Here are a few key updates:

  • Nothing has changed about your photos’…

ever wonder what process happens when you click “report/mark as spam”? now you know

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Kanye West

kanye west - “mama’s boyfriend”

his freestyle he did for that facebook conference a little while back. with a wicked soul beat.

altoids presents… the stars on facebook!

i’m sure we all know these types of “stars” on facebook…

a life on facebook.

surreal video on what a life on facebook is like (and may be like). thanks judy kim for posting the video up on facebook (ironic, i know).