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daft punk “get lucky” gif.

man oh man I CANNOT wait for R.A.M.

daft punk “get lucky” gif.

man oh man I CANNOT wait for R.A.M.

kobe bryant before the all-star game.

his jacket represents his 15 all-star selections, 5 nba titles, 4 all-star mvps, 1 nba mvp, 2 scoring titles, and 1 slam-dunk title.


tonight, lakers vs. clippers at staples center (clippers “home court”).

kobe bryant, chris paul, each lead their respective teams. game 2 of the season between division rivals starts tonight at 10:30pm est, 7:30pm pst. y’all already know where my money’s at…let’s hope the lakers “old legs” can keep it going tonight.


photo by andrew d. bernstein, getty images.

kobe bryant hits 30,000 points off a runner over robin lopez in a win over the new orleans hornets 103-87.

youngest to do so in the history of the nba. joins the company of wilt chamberlain, karl malone, kareem abdul-jabbar, and michael jordan in an exclusive list of players that have eclipsed the 30,000 point career milestone.

here’s to history.

los angeles lakers, in a stunning turn of events, hired mike d’antoni to replace ousted coach mike brown after an abysmal 1-4 (and 0-8 preseason). phil jackson was originally in the mix (and the clear favourite) to become the head coach for the lakers, but talks broke down after salary negotiations, ability to skip road games, more say in player selections, and the eventual grooming/selection of his successor, led the lakers to go with d’antoni.

d’antoni is currently healing up from surgery, but should be back in a couple of weeks to take on the new role as head coach of the lakers.

i for one can say i’m quite happy to see this - a good fix for a high-power offence that hasn’t been producing. plus, dwight howard, kobe bryant, and steve nash all have played with d’antoni before - making the transition a lot easier.

let’s hope this leads to a title, as they have d’antoni for the next 4 years…

it’s the weekend! obama won! yay!

it’s the weekend! obama won! yay!

boss status. obama during discussions and planning for the hunt of bin laden.