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the end of an era.

derek jeter - legend, champion, hall of famer. gatorade pays tribute to the only man on the yankees to ever wear #2 again.

the finish line: episode 1 - steve nash.

nash documents his journey into what are his final years in his storied nba career. battling through injuries, expectations, and declines - this is a real, honest look at the reality of steve nash the player and the person.

duracell: “trust your power” ad ft. derrick coleman.

duracell’s new 60 second spot featuring the seahawks running back derrick coleman is the perfect spot for the lead up to superbowl. why? well, for one, coleman is in the super bowl. but the more compelling reason - he’s the first legally deaf offensive player to go to the super bowl.

watch his inspiring story now.

krewella - “human” music video.

a raw music video with a bunch of behind the scenes of the krewella krew. reminds me of this skrillex video.

google zeitgeist - “here’s to 2013”.

well, goodbye 2013. i have to say this year was an… interesting year for me. i went through a long journey to get to where i am now in my career, and i have to say i’m quite happy where i’ve ended the year at. i want to take advantage of the position i have and learn as much. it’s a nice feeling to (finally) have some roots in the things you love to do.

i’ve hit fitness goals this year i long wrote off as near impossible, dropping down to as low as 225 lbs, and being able to hit the key benchmark for all three main lifts (squat/deadlift/bench). next year, i really want to cut down my body fat to below 10%, something i’ve been aiming to do but realistically haven’t been close until now. i also want to run a 5k, and maybe a 10k by the end of the year.

i learned how to drive stick, played way too much league of legends (hit gold, yay!) and mastered a few more recipes that i can cook up. i took over 17,000 photos over the year, a small portion which can be found on my facebook albums and on my blog. next year, i want to be able to add more to my cooking repertoire, get a few desserts i can actually bake, and improve my beer/wine/spirits game. i also want to improve on my photography and filming, a passion i really enjoy doing.

i also realized i eat way too much out, and i want to cut back and learn how to make simple, satisfying dishes that can work for my fitness goals and to get me to start saving for the future. it was hard when you worked two internships back to back to hold onto any savings, and it’s about time i start doing so. that doesn’t mean i won’t go out - hopefully i can tie my ventures out with my blog, and start hitting up areas of vancouver that i have yet to explore, but it means i will be cutting back and doing more things to help me grow.

and that also ties into another thing - relationships. i’ve gotten closer to friends i have lost touch with, and i’ve lost touch with old friends. i want to keep growing my social network here, and it won’t help if i keep doing the same things. i plan on going out and doing new things, joining new and hopefully different groups.

finally, i want to start volunteering. and look for other opportunities to supplement my current position. it’s something i’ve been telling myself to do once i get a job that i can really commit to, and i think it’s key to improving myself. i also want to start reading even more, something that i hope continues to help me grow. nothing like enjoying a good book and improving on yourself at the same time.

all in all, 2013 was an interesting year. but there’s so much i want to do in 2014. just to make it easier (and so i can come back to it at the end of 2014), here’s a list:

  • keep growing in my career, while learning as much as i can (subjective, i know)
  • start volunteering
  • find other opportunities to continue to grow, also network more
  • read at least 15 books for pleasure, and 15 books for growth
  • get to below 10% body fat
  • learn how to make at least 3 desserts consistently, and try (and master) 20 new recipes
  • write on my blog at least once a week, or 52 posts
  • go for a photo stroll or shoot at least once every other week, or 32 times
  • go skydiving. bungee jumping. maybe even hang gliding
  • pick up skiing
  • go travelling somewhere new (or at least make plans for it for early 2015).
  • pick up biking & yoga into my exercise routine.
  • train and do a 5k, and possibly train for a 10k.

ADDED - Back one Kickstarter project per month, and blog about it - Join a recreational team per season (Winter, Summer, Fall)

i think that sums it up. i want to achieve as much as i can in 2014, so let’s see how it all goes!

thanks everyone for a great year, and to all, a happy new year!

kobe comeback - nike basketball.

i just wish he instantly came back and fit into the Lakers team right away. it’ll take some time, but at least we all know he’s kobe bean bryant.

extra gum - “origami” ad.

well done extra gum, well done. emotional ka-pow! to the heart.